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I love Clanwilliam! It brings back amazing memories of racing, relaxing and chilling with friends and family.

This October I went up to race the Clanwilliam Triathlon. My sister came up with me which was awesome to spend some time with her! This race kicks off the triathlon calendar in the Western Cape and draws a lot of people!

This year my race didn’t go as planned.

The race was at 3pm which made me unsure how I was going to raise my sugar levels, what was I going to eat and when? I ended up getting caught up in racking my bike at the transition that I quickly ate 2 energy bars (huge mistake!) before throwing on my wetsuit and heading for my warm up. There was no time for them to properly digest.

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The swim went pretty well. I didn’t get kicked or shoved at the start and I didn’t have to swim over anyone this year. Shoulders ached a bit at the beginning but I was soon able to settle into a rhythm. I came out of the swim in 16th and had a fairly quick transition and was on the bike in 12th.
I went into the race knowing my cycling was my weakness. Two guys past me at the beginning of the bike but my legs were burning too much to match their pace. The next two guys who caught me I was able to join and we worked together until the end of the bike. That bike leg had my legs hurting. Went into the transition in 16th.

I have been doing a lot of work on my running, so I figured as we started running that I would be able to make up some ground. But alas I think I blew my legs on the bike. I felt pretty pup. I was holding my position until 2km from the finish were I was hit with intense nausea and I started vomiting (it wasn’t pretty) in front of the refreshment station. Unfortunately while I stopped to vomit (not hardcore enough to vomit and run at the same time) I was passed by 16 people and so finished in 32nd position.

I was super frustrated and annoyed but I have learnt some valuable lessons!

  • To raise my sugar levels before the race I must stick to what I use for training (muesli and yoghurt).
  • I must eat this pre race meal at least two hours before the race to give my stomach time to settle.
  • Train more with an energy drink, my body needs to get use to it. I have gotten in the habit of just using water.

I will never stop learning but I hope with time the lessons will be fewer and not as hard.

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  1. Joni permalink
    22/11/2011 7:50 am

    Thanks for writing such an easy-to-undersatnd article on this topic.


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