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Simonstown Triathlon


About 2 weeks ago I did the Simonstown Triathlon. I kind of found out about it the night before so gave the race organiser a phone call and she graciously gave me an entry!

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So I woke up on Sunday at the crack of dawn and had a massive breakfast of muesli and ProNutro. I did this to increase my blood sugar levels before the race. I also mixed an energy drink for the bike leg of the tri.

The weather was absolutely perfect! No wind and calm seas and the day turned into a warm sunny day, very unlike Cape Town winters!

The start of the race saw me have a not so good swim. I had a guy holding onto my back at the beginning of the swim until I turned around and push him off but then got elbowed in the eye and had my goggles fill with water. So I rounded the first buoy and then emptied the goggles. I think I still finished the swim in 8th or 9th. It was around 800m.

The bike section was pretty amazing 30km. It went up Red Hill and then around Cape Point and back to Simonstown. I had two guys fly past me before we hit Red Hill but it was OK as I took them on Red Hill. At the bottom of Red Hill I had a really fast dude past me to I up’ed my speed and drafted him until Cape Point. My legs were burning the whole time and my heart rate was sitting at 180bmp which is pretty good going. At Simonstown I headed back into transition.

The run I really enjoyed! Been spending a lot of time on my running and I got to see some rewards for it. The run was a flat run from Simonstown to Glencairn and back to Simonstown, about 6km. I ran it in 23 minutes and kept my heart rate between 175bpm and 180bpm.

I managed to run myself into 8th which I am happy with.

My sugar levels after the race was around 8mmol which I was happy with. So I headed to prize giving and had lunch there. The thing I watch after exercise like that is that your sugar levels drop. They can even drop hours after exercise as your body is still needing fuel for the body. So I tend to keep a close eye on my sugar levels.


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