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Had a few new experiences recently with my diabetes.

I have been writing exams which causes me a little bit of stress but not a lot.

So the weekend before the exams I was under a little bit of stress with the usual things like have I studied enough and so on. I had my usual meals and injected my usual amounts and then two hours later tested my glucose levels. They were high. So I injected more insulin and there was little change. This made me begin to start stressing about my glucose levels now as well which increased my overall stress. I did some quick exercises to drop my glucose levels down to a safe reading.

It seemed that the stress caused my body to become less sensitive to insulin. I wasn’t sick and wasn’t getting sick so it wasn’t that.

I am going to see my Endo soon because although I think it might be stress I also have a few other theories like:

  • My body is just becoming resistant to insulin (which would suck!).
  • My honeymoon phase for my diabetes is coming to an end (Honeymoon phase means my pancreas is still producing a very small amount of insulin but will stop soon).

It could also be a mixture of the stress and the end of the honeymoon phase.

So I have basically increased my long-acting and short-acting insulin and have managed to get it under control again. The stress is over now but I am still not back to normal (old insulin dosage).

I guess I will never stop learning. So in future I prepare well so that there will be less stress.

There will be hard times but I count my blessing, keep on persevering and never surrender!

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