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Some Sports Science


Been a bit quiet over the last week.

I have been at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa with Eduardo and his team having tests done. The tests have had nothing to do with diabetes but I have still had to keep a close watch on my glucose levels as the tests were very strenuous! So I have just eaten a sandwich before each test to increase my glucose levels.

The idea behind the tests is that the researchers don’t know what’s happening in the brain during exercise. So this is where I come in. I have had two tests already and will probably have another two in the following weeks. They want to do an MRI of my brain and see what happens as I get more fatigued. Very interesting and apparently a first in the world!

The first test is a normal VO2 max test. They made me cycle on an indoor trainer and slowly increased the resistance until you can go no further. While they are doing this they are checking your oxygen consumption, heart rate, lactate acid and muscle activation. At the end of every test you feel pretty broken, not something you want to do too often!

The second test was similar to the one on the indoor trainer but this time they had me lie down in a fake MRI machine. I kept cycling while they increased the resistance until I couldn’t go any further. While I am in the MRI they strap my head into a helmet so it can’t move. It’s a very confined space in there and warms up a lot, meaning I sweat like a pig!

So I think I will still have a few more of these test as the guys at the Sports Science Institute are still doing a few tweaks here and there before they stick me into a real MRI machine.

Check out a few of the pics.

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