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Diabetes and being sick


Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks that I have been feeling better. Not sure what I had but it went straight to my lungs in the form of a cough and every time I did something strenuous I would feel wiped out, my muscles were also aching. Super strange but I learnt tons in managing my diabetes over these 2 weeks.

Every time I started feeling better I would go out and either swim, bike or run and then afterwards feel completely wiped out. So in the end I decided to take some time off from exercising. It was hard but well needed.

I have found that in these 2 weeks of being sick my body has become less sensitive to insulin. I think it’s because of doing less sport but also because of being sick. So I have increased by long acting insulin a little and also increased my short acting a little. I am not too worried about this because I think that as soon as I pick up the training again my body will become more sensitive to the insulin. I have had to check my glucose levels more often (my poor fingers) because what I would inject for my usual meals was suddenly not enough. So there were a few bedtimes were I was doing squats and push-ups to drop my glucose levels before I hit the sack.

But like I said I am feeling so much better now. So this evening I will go do some swimming (weather is rubbish) and see how I feel afterwards.

I have a race on the 16th April, The Mast Challenge, which is another incentive to get better quickly! I am doing the King of the Mountain section which is to run to the mast on top of Constantiaberg Mountain (11km to the top) and then run down and hop onto my bike and ride to the top. It’s going to be very tough but I am interested to see how my body will respond. Still haven’t figured out my nutrition on the run section, don’t want to go hypo.

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