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Feedback from my dietician and some mountain biking


Got a very interesting email from my dietician. Basically I kept a 5 day food diary, in this diary I kept record of how much I was injecting (Long acting and short acting insulin), how much I was eating, how much exercise I was doing and what my glucose levels were before and after eating and exercising. So my dietician has made some calculations and has found out that my sensitivity to insulin is 3mmol/L, which means that if I injected (short acting insulin) 1 unit of insulin it would drop my glucose levels by 3mmol/L. My dietician said that this was pretty good, I forgot to ask her what the average person’s sensitivity is, would be interesting to know. She also said I should eat more fish and salad, salad I don’t mind increasing but I am not a huge fan of fish (I know it’s a bit lame if you live in Cape Town).

Been doing some rad mountain biking in Tokai. Loving it really, I am not brilliant on a mountain bike but I am learning fast (mostly through falling and getting back up). It’s nice to not have cars to worry about and the single tracks  are awesome! Exercise helps you manage your diabetes and its rad that you can spend 2 hours mountain biking and not even realize. Very helpful.

Here are a few pics of my brother Matthew and I.

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