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Christmas and New Year


Been a little nervous coming up to Christmas and New Year because in my family this is a time when we all come together, eat massive meals and relax and enjoy each others company. This is great except that it’s hard to guess how many Carbs (my dietician still needs to teach me how to carb count) I am about to eat when you have piled your plate with food. Also our Christmas meal is high in protein which affects the break down of carbohydrates (if I am not mistaken). So how much insulin am I supposed to inject?

I had a plan, I guessed how much insulin I need and injected. Then after the meal I tested my glucose levels, which were high because I had guessed to little. This is a problem but this is where my plan kicks in. I hopped onto my bike which is on an indoor trainer and spun for 45 minutes and then tested again. Unfortunately my glucose levels were still too high, so I put on my running shoes and ran a hard 3km and then tested again. This time I had come down to a normal level.

Indoor Trainer

Now New Years is another story. I have decided to cut out alcohol (I have never been a huge drinker so this hasn’t been too hard) because alcohol will raise my glucose levels (if I am not mistaken again). Alcohol in moderation is what my dietician told me but it’s just easier (and cheaper) to cut it out.

So New Years came, I went to a mates house party and it was a jol. Bit of jacuzzi time, bit of dance time and a bit of socializing time. But at about 2:30am I began to not feel good, have no idea why. So I headed home and went to bed. It is hard to tell if how I am feeling is because of the diabetes or because my body has just had enough. I guess I will just learn with time.

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