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Overcoming the shock and horror


I have amazing support, there is no doubt! I have an amazing family who have encouraged and supported me throughout the beginning of this journey and I also have amazing friends who truly care and have also supported me. I am truly blessed and thank you to my friends and family.

I am pretty sure the shock has worn off now. I think the reason for me why being diagnosed was a heavy blow was that everybody gives you the worst case scenarios which when you don’t really know anything about diabetes is very scary! You are told that if you don’t manage it you will lose feeling in your toes and fingers which will lead to gangrene and amputation of your appendages which is because your blood vessels will be damaged beyond repair which kills the nerve endings, you will go into renal failure and all the organs that you can’t replace will start shutting down, there will be blindness. This all happens over years of miss management but I thought this was going to happen to me. Another reason for being scared was that I didn’t know how I was going to inject myself for the rest of my life, it’s just not natural to inject yourself (I have got over this fear very quickly). One reassuring thing my Doc told me was that if I manage my sugar levels well then I pretty much have the same odds as everyone else in having a long and healthy life.

I just didn’t know if it was going to be hard or easy to manage my sugar levels. I am fortunate that it hasn’t been too hard to manage. It helps that I train about 14 hours a week(swimming, biking and running), this has made my body more sensitive to the insulin. I also don’t have a sweet tooth, it hasn’t been too much of a sacrifice to cut out junk food (although I do cheat every now and again but watch my levels like a hawk).

I understand that some people don’t do as much exercise as I do and may eat more junk food. You don’t need to do that much exercise, at the beginning just push for 30 minutes a day. Set small goals and when you achieve those goals make them slightly harder. The hard part is to eat less sweets and junk food, again, set small goals and when you achieve those goals make them slightly harder.

Please never give up, always persevere!

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  1. Philppe Seha permalink
    10/03/2011 3:50 pm

    Hey bud, i have recently been thinking of you sorry about the diabetes. Have several friends who live with it and for them its actually a window into their own lives that before they never looked at. It has actually helped them to have a better self awareness.My dad also has it.
    Lets do lunch on Tuesday, Thurs or Fri. Let me know what suites, we can meet at Thai Cafe…nice and healthy
    God bless

    • 10/03/2011 3:57 pm

      Hey Philipe Thanks for the thoughts. It has been a big eye opener! Lunch would be awesome! Tuesday works for me, I will text you next week to confirm. Healthy would be great 🙂

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