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My first injections


After a long night I woke this morning. Was kind of hoping that this morning I would wake up and everything would be alright, that the Doc would be wrong I would be 100% better.

So I checked my fasting(before a meal) blood glucose reading and it was still incredible high. It was a let down, soul-destroying really. The Doc wasn’t wrong, he was still right. So I went down to the Doc at 8:30am for my first injection, really nervous because I didn’t really know what to expect.

The Doc whipped out a syringe(he does it the old school way), this was the moment I was dreading. He injected the insulin into my stomach area. Truthfully I barely felt it. Really didn’t expect that! Kind of puts you at ease. I was expecting it to be painful and was wondering how I was going to do this for the rest of my life, but as far as injections go this wasn’t that bad. The Doc also took 4 test tubes of blood to send off for testing, that was definitely more painful than the injection but I guess I am just going to have to get use to needles and a little bit of pain. We made another appointment for 2pm for my next injection and then I went home and ate breakfast.

Arrived at 5pm still a little nervous even after an easy first injection. This appointment was basically a quick in and out appointment as all I needed was the injection. It was fine again, hardly felt it and nothing to stress about.

At 6pm I went for a walk on the beach with a mate of mine to share with him how I was feeling. I have some great mates who really care about me, truly blessed! What my Doc didn’t tell me was that I needed to eat after being injected with insulin, so at the beach I went hypoglycaemic(low blood sugar), luckily I didn’t drop too low but I still went all sweaty, started breathing hard, felt super weak and dizzy. It wasn’t great, you really feel terrible! We rushed home and I shovelled food down and started to feel normal again. This was going to take some getting use too!

Tomorrow is going to be the big day when I get my own insulin pens and will be injecting myself. Its going to be a bit intense for the first while I guess but hopefully I will get use to it and it will become a way of life, I hope!

I still am in shock. How could this happen to me? Going to have another early night. Maybe I will wake up in the morning and my emotions won’t have felt like they had been hit by a bus.

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