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A date which will live in infamy


For a couple of weeks leading up to this date I had been incredibly thirsty. I had been drinking tons of water but was still remaining thirsty, I thought this strange but didn’t give it to much thought because I was doing a lot of training for a race and figured it was because I was sweating a lot in training.

About a month ago I was weighing around 72kg. I wanted to lose 2kgs so that I would be a mean fighting machine on race day but I soon dropped to 68kgs, that was below my target weight and not what I wanted. I couldn’t believe the training had made me lose 4kgs, I didn’t think I had that much to lose!

Over the last month I had been super tired, I was napping around 2 hours a day and still sleeping between 8-10 hours a night and waking up tired. I also put this down to a lot of training for my race.

Non of these symptoms made any sense to me as I knew nothing about Diabetes and figured it would never affect me. I was wrong.

At 10am today while I was working, my mouth went completely dry like if you were speaking to a large group of people and are nervous. So I popped into a shop and bought a bottle of water. This seemed to help a little.

Got home at 12pm and told my mom about the dry mouth and the thirst. My mom being a knowledgeable person told me to go to the doctor immediately. She was suspicious but didn’t say anything to me.

Around 2pm I went to the Doc. I thought I was just being a bit over the top and thought the Doc was going to tell me to stop overreacting. He did a urine test and stuck a tester in it which turned a horrible brown colour. He then pricked my figure and did a blood glucose test which read 22.5mmol/L. Now the usual persons blood glucose level averages around 5.5mmol/L, mine was 4 times the average! Pretty serious stuff! I think if you hit around 29mmol/L you would probably go into a coma. So he basically said right there and then that I am almost certainly a type 1 diabetic and that I had to come back in the morning for an injection and to do a fasting reading(a blood glucose test before you eat in the morning) and to send a ton of blood off for tests. Pretty scary stuff!

It was a long drive home and I think I cried the whole way. I was scared.

I am blessed with a very supportive and loving family who were there for me the whole time. Not to sure how I would have done it without them. My friends have also been great. What a blessing!

Now I didn’t really feel like eating my supper because I was worried that it would spike my sugars to high but I managed to stomach some food.

I had an early night, was a bit over this whole day. It seemed so surreal and I was hoping that when I woke up in the morning I would be fine. It was a rough night with many thoughts running through my head. None of them helpful.


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  1. 30/08/2011 3:10 pm

    Man, this brings back memories of when I was first diagnosed. I was only ten so it was a little easier to adjust to but man, it feels completely surreal doesn’t it? Just a small correction- my bloodsugar was around 44 mmol/L when I was diagnosed and I was in ketosis but still fully functional. I think you’d have to hit the 50’s/60’s before you become comatose…

    • 31/08/2011 8:46 am

      My bad! WOW I felt terrible at 22.5, I don’t even want to know how you felt! Must have been awful! I think when you are first diagnosed it is very surreal, guess it’s just shock.


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